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Thread: Hm2 Ammo

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    Hm2 Ammo

    Hi all

    trying to find some ammo for my little bunny gun. I tried the usual suspects today ie kranks,Hannams,Edgar's but no joy if anyone knows where I could get a 1000 or so it would be appreciated


    By Christ that was a good shot

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    I bought my last 1000 from the Weldon gun room in Northumberland
    Am guessing if Hannams don't have them as the CCI importer you will have to ring around to find some stock on shelves

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    Sorted it now I got a 1000 cci on the way from GMK the cci importer

    thanks for the reply

    By Christ that was a good shot

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    Ah is that who does them
    good to know

    I stock up whenever I see them as I cant be arsed with the hassle of asking people to order them!

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    whats the grouping like and cost of ammo as i am getting a mach2 next week

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    I zero at around 90-100 yds

    should be capable of 1/2" off a decent rest

    ammo is usually 9-12 a hundred

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