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Thread: reloading gear

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    reloading gear

    Lots of items here lads, When stuff sells ill just delete it off the original post to make it easier to see what is left for sale.

    Ill be adding postage + packaging to the prices ive advertised for, thought it would be easier incase someone wants a few items i can then cut down p+p prices.

    My email will be the quickest to say you want something as i cant get on the forum during the day, as its advertised elsewhere its 1st come 1st serve.

    If anybody requires pics send me an email and ill send them over, too much stuff to take pics and put on here.

    L.E Wilson case trimmer and stand - £75 posted sold pending payment

    6.5x47 L.E Wilson case holder for new cases - £ 10 sold pending payment

    CCI 450 Primers 4500 available - £38 per Thousand

    L.E Wilson Bushing .287 ( never been used ) - £15

    Also advertised elsewhere

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    First dibs on the K & M flash hole deburrer. PM sent

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    sorry the K & M Stuff is all sold, was bought late last night, im away to update the list now, sorry lads.


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    6.5x47 L.E Wilson case holder for sized cases - £ 10

    i'll take the above if still available.
    Please PM with payment details.

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    first dibs please if the neck die is it a bushing type first rcbs code 12935 plus the bushing .287 bush as well please.
    just pm with your bank info if it is as above.

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    Can i have first dibbs on press subject to pictures email sent

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    Im waiting to hear back from interest in the press. Long queue of guys asking about this.


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    Craig, second dibs on the 6.5 bullets if payment falls through.



    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    payment for bullets was sent around 5 mins ago, list is away to get updated.

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    ok if you can let me know and not having a pop but might be worth updating your list if you are holding it for someone

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