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    Kite Questions

    I have a Kite that I use as a monocular when hunting Wild Boar. I have a mount for it and am considering fitting it to a rifle. My question is can anyone tell me much recoil they are built to take ? I assume that 308 recoil would be no problem but what about my 8 x 68S ? My down loaded hunting load still develops 3500 ft/lbs so even with a moderator the rifle is quite lively. I can load it back to 3000 ft/lbs as ranges are only short. Any advise would be appreciated.

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    Seen them used on 338LM, so I wouldn't worry too much.....
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    Thanks Eric. I have spoken to an ex military guy and he said that he had seen them used on heavy recoiling rifles too. I don't want to destroy an expensive piece of kit.

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    I have one and had it fitted on my rifle with the propper mounts it would never hold a good zero even though as you say it should handle big calibers. I now use the maxi kite with a laser for spotting foxes and a thermal on the business end which holds a great zero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric the Red View Post
    Seen them used on 338LM, so I wouldn't worry too much.....
    338's don't recoil hard.
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    What, please, in the context of this thread, is a Kite?

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