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Thread: Sleeper train and taking a rifle

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    Sleeper train and taking a rifle

    Does anyone know if there are any rules imposed by Caledonian sleeper on taking firearms. It hadn't occurred to me there would be any issues, just stick it under your bunk and take bolt with, make sure cabin is locked, or worst case stay in cabin. Will be sharing with my buddy not a stranger.

    Has anyone had any issues? I know the staff can be funny about the strangest things, and sublimely helpful about others.



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    Public transport and firearms, my field of expertise... They're quite used to it on that particular service as a lot of people travel to the Highlands for fieldsports. Here's the relevant extract from the conditions of carriage:

    Carriage of firearms
    Customers who intend to carry firearms/ammunition should advise ScotRail Telesales at time of booking. Customers will be required to provide written authority letter and firearms certificate. Customers should have single occupancy of a cabin or be sharing with a person known to them.

    It's on page 6 of this document:

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    Anyone who has a friend who has just "winged it" want to report ?
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I knew you'd be the man for it Lawrence! Thanks for your help.


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    Quote Originally Posted by private fraser View Post
    Anyone who has a friend who has just "winged it" want to report ?
    Well all ScotRail are actually saying is that you need to comply with the conditions on your FAC and take "reasonable precautions" by preventing access by unauthorised persons, supplying your FAC when asked for it.

    I haven't "winged it" on this service but have on numerous others. Some companies theoretically ask you for 24 hours notice, but in practice you can't do that because no-one there is aware of this, so they just default to refusal. Really, they don't want to have to deal with this. So all I do is exercise discretion by not obviously carrying a gun, carrying a component (forend, bolt, etc) in a separate bag and not letting it out of my sight. Oh, and not wearing camouflage or taking the train with blood smeared on my trousers. Which all constitutes "reasonable precaution". I've never had any trouble or caused any.

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    Taking the sleeper train is much easier than flying, that's for sure.
    Do it often enough and the staff get to know you and barely comment - which all aids the low-key "reasonable precaution" approach as outlined by PM.
    I've found that by giving them notice, myself and others travelling with firearms ended up being allocated cabins in the carriage hitched to the buffet carriage, meant we were better able to keep an eye on our cabins at all times.
    As PM said, Scotrail are well used to people travelling with firearms and the staff don't mind a bit - unlike most airlines...........
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    The sleeper is something I've always wanted to do. Just shame I would have to travel so far south just to catch it
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotch_egg View Post
    The sleeper is something I've always wanted to do. Just shame I would have to travel so far south just to catch it
    Well if you did, you could pick up some 7mm-08 ammunition and then test the carriage regulations on the way back up!

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    Just sent you a Pm PM
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    Big question - do you actually sleep on the sleeper, and if travelling on your own are you likely to end up sharing with some hairy arsed ........ Who belches from both ends all night long.

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