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Thread: CZ 511 cocking bolt sheared off!

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    CZ 511 cocking bolt sheared off!

    Anyone else had this problem?

    Just firing some rounds in the range and the handle/bolt sheared off where it goes into the action.

    Seriously fed up with this little rifle, great when it works, but can be fussy on cycling, probably because it has been abused (it was on fully auto when I bought it from a DEALER: (no names no pack drill)).

    Got that fixed, now this.


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    I've been considering one of these so have looked at reviews on it..they all came up good.
    Could be the possible abuse yours has had rather than the use.

    ps... you have to wonder how many rounds it's had through it on full auto before you bought it. That would rattle the bolt a bit
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    Chances are if it was full auto someone has tried polishing the sear and taken too much off, i know someone who has done exactly this...... they should have checked before they sold it to you though!!

    I know of a BRNO 581 that had a new cocking shoe fitted but not the bolt, their made out of melting tanks and usually very reliable so sounds like the previous owner of yours may have well and truely abused it!

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    I also bought a 2nd hand Brno 581 that was a full auto. Luckily, CZ-USA found a small packet of spare parts left over in their parts department and sent them to me and I put it to right. I have never heard of a cocking handle shearing off and I'd been chasing around looking for a 581 before I finally found mine. I'm guessing it was a freak event. Probably far less common than a 700 Remington bolt handle falling off!~Muir

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    thanks for the thoughts, folks. I thought it would have been bashed about a bit on auto. Anyway, my gunsmithing genius friend who fixed the auto problem with skill and not new spare parts, reckons he can do it.
    "If man made it, man can fix it" is his "mot juste". so here's hoping.


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    Following on from the last: my friend fixed it by making a cocking handle and braising it into the action: lovely job. He also put in a shock absorber: before the cocking handle was being stopped by the action slot by slamming against it. Lovely job: rifle now much quieter and cycles beautifully.

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    I have only just read this thread, I had exactly the same problem on a rifle I had bought from new, The rifle was very well looked after and the cocking lever sheared off at about 3 years old, I rang Edgar brothers (the importers) and then sent the rifle in to be looked at, they fitted a new slide/ bolt... They fitted a subsonic one which is apparently marginally lighter than the standard one. They also restamped the barrel "22 subsonic". A gunsmith I know said he could fix the problem if Edgar bros proved to be unhelpful though. Glad to see you've got it sorted.

    Note.... In my opinion the metal that attaches the cocking lever to the bolt is not all that strong, I think that possibly trying to clear jams by pulling back hard on the lever puts strain on this metal and can eventually cause metal fatigue... Before the breakage occurred I noticed that my cocking level was bent downwards slightly and that this metal was galling the stock, I carefully bent the lever back up into place. It sheared off a short time after this.The rifle was never dropped so I can only assume that the bend was caused by simply clearing jams.

    I would be very interested to see a photo of the shock absorber that your gunsmith came up with, it sounds a great idea!
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    Sounds a bit unhelpful and restrictive of them to mark the barrel like that.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I still fire all manner of .22 ammo through it, the lighter slide supposedly makes the action less prone to jamming with lower velocity subsonic ammo, I can't say I have noticed a difference one way or the other. I have seen other 511 rifles marked as subsonic also.

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