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Thread: magazine help

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    magazine help

    Sorted now cheers
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    Can you take more photos please and give me the dimensions as well.

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    Stone me, but the shape looks very familiar. Just can't remember.

    I think these are 9mm Para calibre, so if that's right then there are a lot of candidates. Unlikely to be a rimmed cartridge such as .22RF with that linear shape?
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    Colt 9mm or one of the clones llama etc ?

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    1911 clone but not colt as they are to badly made the spot weld marks would't be there , 9mm and other colt mags are folded and seam is at the rear of mag ,could we have more pix of feed lips and base of mags.

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    Colt 9mm or one of the clones llama etc ?
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    Looks similar to the magazine for a Walther PP 7.65mm. Hard to say without knowing what cartridges it takes or some dimensions.

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