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Thread: 220 vs 22-250

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    220 vs 22-250

    IF you HAD TO CHOOSE between the 220 swift and 22-250 for fox and general vermin control, which would you select and why. Thanks.

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    i've owned both over the years but am back with the .22-250, swift is costly on ammo, and hard on the barrel, if firing high numbers of rounds, both are great to use.
    my friend has a swift and when we get together to shoot crows or foxes both calibers pefrom equally. put it this way the foxes and crows dont know the difference out to 400yrds what ever you choose buy the best you can afford dont skimp on the scope. harry

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    I have been contemplating the same question for a custom .22C/F... I am thinking of a 220 swift AI, just for something different

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    I have had both inc .22,250 AI i use the swift now mainly why? why not. I don't think it is any better than a .22.250 but i just fancied one.In general the swift is a very good round seems to be very accurate i'm shooting a vssf 2 with a jewel trigger bedded into a mc millan lazzeroni t/hole stock it shoots in the .2s .A 220AI should be fun but hard on barrels maybe.Nick have you been talking to neil mckilop by any chance? My next project maybe a 20.250 neil has just built me a 20br which is spot on it is pushing 39gr blitz kings at about 4100fps so 20.250 should top out at about 4400 hopefully.Have you thought about a 22-243 middlestead or maybe a 22-6mm rem ?

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    22/250 due to easier to get factory ammo if needed. bigger choice of rifles, and brass is ready available. if your building something what about a 22br.
    they should make more 22/250 rifles with a faster twist like a 1 in 9 so you have choice of firing heavier bullets

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    Quote Originally Posted by sean View Post
    Nick have you been talking to neil mckilop by any chance?

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    If you want a fast twist .22cf with oodles of power consider the RWS 5.6X57 which was one of the most popular .22cfs used in EIRE for Deer shooting due to their restrictive calibre legislation between 1972 and 1993 .
    The standard factory load was a 74 grain bullet but being a .224 lighter ones could be used by the re-loader. It approaches the muzzle energy output of a .243 Winchester .


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    I have owned, .222, .223 & .22-250, but don't have any of them any more. Have you thought about .22-243 Winchester? Brass, dies and reamers are easy to source.

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    Interesting thread. I have just put in a variation for a 22-250 so this info has helped a lot.

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    I’ve just started using a 22-250 R93 with a nightforce nsx np2dd, shoots 55gn vmax at 3600 fps which is 300 fps slower than my .243 shoots 55gn’s. very good on everything that I’ve pointed it at, been shooting things out to 350 yards with it, and seeing the strike! Its amazing how big things look at 22x mag. Its not as flat shooting as my .243 but it certainly does the job, and is sweeter to shoot. if only i lived in scotland!

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