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Thread: Dog transport boxes

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    Dog transport boxes

    Hello all, I'm after a few pointers for building the above please. I have two labs that I need to transport, material I intend to use will be ply but I'm after suggestions for sizes, for example 2" higher than shoulder with room to turn, or advice along those lines.

    Thank you

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    The easiest thing would be to make it as big as possible in the car it is meant to go in, that way you will never be thinking you should have made it bigger!


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    Seriously consider the safety issues of using ply and srews or nails? In a rear ender your dogs may be injured by these components that's why i use only CAB Transit boxes.
    They ain't cheap but they offer a trade-in and used boxes easily sell for 3/4 of the RRP.

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    I appreciate your concerns RD & agree that screws & nails may not be the best for safety. However there is nothing wrong with using ply - as long as it's good quality, thick enough, properly constructed & bonded. - I could have a pop at the Cab box design if I had my contentious hat on - Metal door frames, fixings & steel mesh etc, all can do damage to an animal.
    Don't knock a material - do knock bad design!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Newcombe View Post
    The easiest thing would be to make it as big as possible in the car it is meant to go in, that way you will never be thinking you should have made it bigger!

    made one out of ply and galvised weld mesh for the toyata I used to have it was quite smart looking when I varnished the outside

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    Incidentally I made one just last month. This is what I made for the back of a skoda fabia estate. 6mm marine ply. Doused in varnish afterwards. Supporting frame is 1-3/4" x 3/4" pressure treated wood. Basically the stuff that gets thrown away from wood yards as it is just used as a spacer for pallets of fencing boards that get dipped in the pressure treatment tank. Can just fit the two dogs comfortably but would't keep them both in it for long periods - not that big. Just transport on shoot days/ going for a walk. If I had made it any bigger in height, depth or width it would not have fit the opening for the boot. CHECK THIS BEFORE YOU BUILD! Had to gently work it in as it was

    Height is 550mm and base is 550 x 930ish mm. Angled at the back. I used screws and made the whole thing from one piece of 2440 x 1220mm ply.

    For labs I wouldn't want the height any lower than this. My lab is quite small but also old and lies down everywhere. The cocker quite big. Gives you a bit of an idea. This weighs less than 10kg and minus time, cost me about 40 for materials. Rock solid also. Thought that the 6mm would be a bit flimsy but the framework made it really rigid and is lighter than if I had used 9mm ply. Just had to be careful when cutting with a hand saw as it tended to splinter a bit easily.

    Anyway here it is. Attachment 48852Attachment 48855 Attachment 48856 Attachment 48857 Attachment 48853
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    I bought a second hand cab box on this site best thing I ever bought
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    I must admit , I've bought a 2nd hand cab and yes it's best thing I have bought

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    I was considering building my own dog box and a friend suggested I go and see Chris of CAB at Malton in North Yorkshire. I ended up coming home with one of his boxes, the quality is fantastic, light considering size and more importantly easily cleaned after a day out in the field.

    I have no connection or interest in CAB other than buying a dog box.

    ATB 243 Stalker.

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