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Thread: high seat plans

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    high seat plans

    does anyone have some high seat plans they wouldnt mind sharing i've 5 to build this year.

    any plans or tips would be more than welcome,

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    Give Wadashot a pm he has built some great seats, ask tikka 308 and Fester they are always sitting in them

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    Wood or metal, freestanding or leanto? I built these one. I will be doing a build with photos of all stages as plans for a site member as soon as the workshop is clear. ( Henhouse order to complete first.) You are welcome to a set. There is nothing complicated. Materials are usually to hand on any estate.

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    send me a pm with your email and i will get a set out to you.


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    hi jim just looked at the link, the high seats in the pics are just what i'm looking to do, would i need to have wire stapeled to the ladder runs for health and safty.

    i will probably be looking to make 2 leanto and 3 free standing.

    thanks for your insperation.


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