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Thread: New mount for S&B 6x42

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    New mount for S&B 6x42

    I've got my mitts on a S&B 6x42 from the old days of the L96 that I'd like to mount on my remi 700 .308.

    anyone know of a mount that either is a direct fitment for the 700 or a picatinny rail? I believe it's a 26mm tube
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    If it is a 26mm tube (which it may or may not be) and you want to fit it on a picatinny rail you will be hard pressed to find better than these -

    Leupold/ Redfield 26mm rings for twist off mounts are slightly hard to come by these days as they were discontinued some years back.
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    Cheers 8x57.

    now torn between using the S&B or the bushnell LRS 3-9x40

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