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Thread: anyone know a London based gunsmith who can cut rear bushings?

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    anyone know a London based gunsmith who can cut rear bushings?

    Just bought a new Mod for my .243 and, in my ignorance, was not aware I needed to get the rear bushings cut to 0.15mm larger than the barrel. Am in central London and am was hoping to be out on Saturday morning with my beloved new Mod so am really hoping to get this done asap.
    Was wondering if anyone knows of someone in town who can do this for me? I am told it just takes a few minutes.
    Any knowledge appreciated. thanks.

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    I've got an Atec Maxim and don't use the rear bushing supplied with it. I don't think it makes any difference at all and also prevents the blueing wearing off which always happens off you use one.

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    I use hardy G4 and you don't need the bush to use one , same as t8 type it wont do any damage using it without the bush the bush should't be tight fit so it do's nowt but stop crud getting in . Then when you get a mo try Roding Armoury :
    Name Address and postcode Type
    Roding Armoury Silver Street, Abridge, Romford RM4 1YA Shop
    Phone Official website Opening hours
    01992 813 570
    only open thur/fri/sat.10am-5:30pm

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    What mod is it ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by twg1 View Post
    What mod is it ?

    It's the Lawrence Precision 'Nexus' for .243.
    I had none on my previous Mod (ASE Northstar) but he was insistent I should use it and cut it to 0.15mm wider than the barrel. I have no problem with it and they are nicely crafted pieces so I want to take his advice, hence the OP.
    My constant quest for a light rifle goes on and these are (were?) on a big discount as he is (was?) having a stock clearance.

    (and thanks to others for replies, Guys...been offline a few days so had missed these)

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