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Thread: rust prevention

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    rust prevention

    Any tips on rust inhibitors? Guns seems to be getting a fine layer of moisture on them in safe, no rust yet, but want to take some preventative measures...

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    Give ACF 50 a go. I discovered it for my motorbike to keep the salt damage at bay through the winter and it works a treat as protective layer on the rifles.

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    Try some wardrobe heaters they provide enough heat to keep moisture at bay I put some napier vp90 sachets in my cabinet just to be safe

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    If it is that bad you can see moisture I would personally relocate the safe as no amount of rust inhibitor will help enough

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    You can get those moisture absorbing bags from DIY stores as a short term resolution but moving safe location might be the best long term solution. I would not recommend ac50, it goes sticky.

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    put a low wattage lamp in your cabinet, something like an inspection lamp from Halfords as it has a wire cage to prevent you bashing it with your firearms.

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    Has any one tried "froglube" ?


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    Try coating with Ranaissance wax, this is a clear wax that is applied and buffs to a shine, it forms a protective coating on the metal, it can also be applied to wood and other surfaces, it is used by museums to protect arms and other artefacts from corrosive finger prints etc. I rate it highly.

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    I saw this in the Bushwear catalogue recently...

    Search results for: 'dehumidifier'
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I have the same issue with my firearms safe as it's located against an outside gable end wall.
    I use Tesco dehumidifier tubs, they are only 1 each and work for around six weeks before needing replacing.
    The amount of moisture they collect in that time is unbelievable and my rifles are bone dry.

    I buy a years supply at a time, great value and stop product.

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