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Thread: Rain radar

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    Rain radar

    Can anyone recommend a good rain radar app for android please?
    Tried downloading a few today but none show forecast on map....only current and past....who wants to where it was raining an hour ago, and if its raining now i will know about!!
    So looking for a simple app that will show rain pattern as a forecast.

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    I use the met office app which gives you a 5 day forecast by location and you can have multiple locations preset. The next two days are shown by the hour with the later days shown in three hour blocks. On the day forecast there is a slider at the edge which when pressed shows the wind speed, sunrise/down times.


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    Have you looked at WeatherPro?

    Best all round weather app I've come across, and you can select all kinds of formats including radar.

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    I use WunderMap, certainly shows up the rain clouds along with a host of other things!

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    +1 for met office app I find it is pretty accurate but I've never used any others to compare it against. Might give em a go though,

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    Rain today, excellent if no app then just goggle it,


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