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Thread: Yellow Labrador bitch pup

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    Yellow Labrador bitch pup

    We've lost our two old labradors over the past 12 months, and are looking for a new pedigree pup. We live in north Wilts, but are happy to travel a reasonable distance. The pup will be both a pet and a working dog. Please PM me if you have, or know of, any pups that might be suitable.
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    Hi pal liddlesdale off the site has 2 beauties left drop him a pm you will not be disappointed

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    Howy, thank you for the heads-up, they look like two very good pups. Unfortunately Kielder is a bit too far to be ideal. South west or central area would be preferable.

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    Give him a pm He may meet up half way you can only try. I know they are top bred dogs.

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    Hi I have two foxred bitches still available they are about two weeks old, They are hereditary clear for Eic, Gpra and Cnm Hmlr Sire and Dams hips are both 4/3 and dogs elbows 0/0 bitches not done and both have clear eye test from August 2014, they will be Kc registered with a copy of their kc five generation pedigree, microchipped by us and four weeks free petplan insurance and a bag of food to take with you,
    Both mum and dad are working dogs (to the gun not deer) Jez

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    Thanks, Jez. We're really looking for something a bit closer to home.

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    is Sherborne Dorset to far 3 bitches and 3 dogs left
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    Hi, I know of some good looking pups in Surrey if that's any help.

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