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Thread: will ferplast atlas 100 cage fit in a freelander?

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    will ferplast atlas 100 cage fit in a freelander?

    Can anyone tell me for definite from experience whether or not a ferplast atlas 100 dog cage will fit in the back of a 52 plate freelander (5 door)?

    I have been offered one very cheaply however it is just over an hours drive away and am loathe to go and find out it does not fit.

    I have tried measuring the boot but think it may be about 3cm too short
    (the boot that is)



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    Turns out that the lady got it wrong and it was actually an 80 not a 100 she had for sale - still a bargain at 20 though seeing as how it's new

    For anyones information in the future, an 80 fits in a freelander 1 no problem

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