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Thread: Ballistic Apps and Androids

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    Ballistic Apps and Androids

    Can anyone please tell me what the best Android phone ( Waterproof/resistant) to use for a Ballistic App… & what the best ballistic App to use…. (easiest)

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    i use the swaro but only as both my scope are z6 one on my samsung also have this one very good and also free both need the Bullet B.C AND SPEED OF BULLET FPS TO BE SPOT ON.

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    I've got this app - I wouldn't say I've got to grips with it yet, but it is helpful when you can e-Mail Bryan with queries and read his books.



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    I use Strelok on my S4.

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    Hi , Ipone 5 and shooter app i find shooter interface easy to navigate

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    Strelok on an HTC1. Works well for me, phone is a bit on the big side but it is a nice phone.

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    Strelok or AB both very good app's

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    Strelok on a Xperia Z3. Good ap and the phone is water and dust resistant.

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