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Thread: differences in gralloching a doe?

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    differences in gralloching a doe?

    any tips on what order to take what off / out compared with fallow buck gralloch? Am starting to feel a lot more comfortable that I know what I'm doing on the bucks, but have only done one doe...

    - seems to make sense to take off udder whole without cutting into it (once off I cut into it and no suprise, leaked milk everywhere!)
    - what do you do with vulva / vagina? - take out with anus in field / leave for larder?


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    Yes cut udder off whole, and everything out with the anus as you describe, depends whether you do a full gralloch in the field, or just a green gralloch and do the rest in the larder, if you can get the carcase straight into a carcase tray and into the vehicle that's fine, if not and you have to do any dragging better to do just a green gralloch and finish in the larder, less chance of any contamination.

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    thanks bogtrotter!
    I guess things get a bit more complicated by spring time once carrying an embryo?

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    Not at all Tony just trim back and the horns come clean with the rest.

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