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Thread: Sporting rifle game book

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    Sporting rifle game book

    Does anyone know a place that sells a sporting rifle record book only can find the game books for shotguns really.

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    Can't help Bushwear did have them at one time but stopped stocking them due to lack of interest.

    The trouble with that type of register is lack of space for details, so you end up rows of columns of not much more than date where shot species and weight, which is all a bit boring after a while.

    Why not just get an a A4 type book than you can add as much detail as you wish, details of the weather, anything that happened out of the ordinary, photographs etc. as much or as little detail as you wish.

    After a year or two you will have a proper journal an interesting read for you and possibly others and bring back memories in years to come, where as it will be come hard in time to remember one day from another from just the columns in a register.

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    My friend Peter at does a very high quality stalking journal with all headings and columns laid out and a generous space so you can write a short essay about the stalk, ok its pricey but this could be something to hand down to future generations

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    Thanks very much for your thorough help, bought a folder a lot cheaper option just nice to keep for me grand kids haha.

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