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Thread: powder shelf life

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    powder shelf life

    I have quite a stash of a variety of powders (RL15 RL22 N160 N165 Hodg 4830) worryingly have just read the how not to reload posting

    Anyway, assuming its kept in cool and dark and not needed left sealed unopened - is there a shelf life? Does it detorite or worse become dangerous after any period of time??

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    I am using some N140 from 1992!

    works just fine
    cool, dark and dry are the key criteria
    It will go off if left open for a long time, you can smell the difference almost immediately
    smells much more bitter and acidic and a bit musty when going stale

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    As long as it has that, what i call "medical" smell its good, once it starts to degrade the smell becomes like that of rotten eggs.


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    alternately you could donate the RL22 to me and I'll happily use it up.
    a 1lb tub does me just over 100rnds of 280rem

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