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Thread: Tikka 308 Lite Stainless w/Mod & Scope & M2 FAC

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    Tikka 308 Lite Stainless w/Mod & Scope & M2 FAC


    I'm after a Tikka T3 Lite Stainless or similar, with a lightweight moderator, optilocks and a good 3-12x56 or similar stalking scope

    Also after a Benelli M2 24" c15" LOP Nordic Flush Tubed FAC version.

    Many thanks
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    You could give Gregor at Macleods of Tain a call. He has used rifles in but to be honest he has great prices on new Tikkas too. I was going to get one from him but ended up going for a 308 Sako 75 instead. He is a great guy to deal with and knows his stuff. Sorry no help on the Benelli prefer pump 870's myself... old school

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