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Thread: Boar Hunts in Croatia

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    Boar Hunts in Croatia

    Dear members of SD,

    Please see some of the hunts we can offer in Croatia.

    It is easier to reply if you are interested by PM. From there I can email you if you so wish.

    *8-10 hunters, 2 days , 3 nights, driven hunt, estimated bag 10-15. If more are shot then no extra charge. No trophy fee's. This is done by pushing small woodland, covers, maize etc. A hunt suitable for a group wanting to taste driven hunting abroad at budget money.
    Price is 910 Euro per hunter.

    *10-15 hunters, 3 days, 4 nights. Estimated bag is 25-45 ( depending on number of hunters and skill). No trophy fee's.
    Price is 1600 Euro per hunter.

    * 1+ hunters, from towers, seats, and foot stalking in large fenced areas. 120 Euro per day, 200 Euro per small Boar.

    This is a very small example of what we can offer. Please contact me with any potential requirements you have , or if you have any interest in one of the above trips.

    Prices include - airport transfers, twin room accom ( ensuite), all meals, limited alcohol, services of guides, first prep of trophies.

    Prices exclude - tips, personal expenses, taxidermy.

    We are a well established company, located on our estate of 18,000 acres that we have sole hunting rights on.

    Flights are to/ from Zagreb, Croatia. LHR - Zagreb goes every day.

    Many Thanks and Regards.
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    Just been hunting at Cesma today, 45 boar were shot between 14 hunters and cca about 150 shots in a large fenced area. I have produced a video from a couple of the stands I watched from armed with a camera. I will upload it when I am back home.


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    Video Posted in Articles "Wild Boar Hunting"

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