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Thread: Another boot question!

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    Another boot question!

    I've got some neoprene Welles, for general farm and stalking. Although they keep my feet comfortable and warm, when I take them off I notice my socks are quite damp. I'm guessing my feet are sweating and the rubber doesn't let out moisture?? Will leather boots do the same? What about the goretex type? Thanks.

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    Goretex boots will be better, but you may still sweat in them (probably just not quite as much as yu would have in wellies).

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    Leather will be best for keeping you dry in my opinion, I suffer the same, my le chameau neoprene wellies are soaked after a day of use and need to dry out properly, my old pair which were leather lined were brilliant, I just couldn't justify the expense again.
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    I reckon everyone's feet are different, and what works for one person won't necessarily suit someone else.
    My feet used to get horribly wet with sweat in (cheap) wellies, so for years I wore only leather work boots. But then I mostly had wet feet 'cos leather boots aren't so good at keeping water out! Now I wear dunlop purofort thermo wellies all day everyday, and no problems from moisture - either sweat or leaks.
    I do usually wear leather hiking boots when shooting though, as they're so light and flexible compared to the wellies, so I can move about more quietly.

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