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Thread: Hawke binoculars

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    Hawke binoculars

    Does anyone use hawke binoculars? How good are they in low light?

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    Get some Swarovskis you tight wad

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    Not all made of money like u or Sasquatch

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    i dont have any experience of hawke binos but there scopes are ok but to be honest the sort of money your going to spend on them is about minox money and the minox will be much better especialy in the low light

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    I've a pair of nature trek as spares after a nice man borrowed my Ziess pair from my hold luggage on a flight :-(

    They are very good for the money and have done me well when I've used them they live in
    my car now.

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    Fletch I will have you know I 've had a hawke endurance scope on my 270 for several years swapped for a swaro 8/50 and I miss the hawke toying with putting it back on ,the binos are good for the money but what's wrong with the Leo's good quality binos , sell some fishing rods

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