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Thread: jack pyke wellies

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    jack pyke wellies

    what are your views on jack pyke wellies good/bad.are the sizes tight or generous.
    all comments accepted.

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    Jack Pyke Wellies are excellent. We have been selling them instore and online since they where first launched a few years ago.
    Both styles are 3mm neoprene lined.
    Sizes good to UK standard fit, so if you are a 9, then a 9 will be fine.
    Socks, as they are neoprene lined, you don't need a very heavy sock, unless you tend to have cold feeling feet. In warmer weather, when you need a lighter sock, put another thin insole in to act as a space reducer.
    Tread: Really good all terrain tread, perfect for hunting, dog walking etc. If you are walking on pavements, then this tread will last longer than a Field tread.
    Zip or No Zip options: The Zips are great if you want to be able to get them on and off easily, the zips are tough and will withstand the rigors of countrylife. The non-zip are identical to the zip version and have a gusset top with strap to adjust.

    Rubber, when first launched there was an issue with the rubber being over vulcanised at the final stage of production, (this was a factory issue, not a quality issue). This was fixed a year or so ago and we never get any back now due to premature splitting.

    Aftercare: As with all Rubber based boots, use a silicone spray with UV protectors to both feed and protect the rubber from perishing and UV.

    We offer free delivery and free returns if the boots are not a perfect fit.

    Hope this is useful
    Rugged & Tough
    Jack Pyke of England Jack Pyke Countryman Wellie Boot : Jack Pyke Boots and Shoes
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    After being messed around by 3 top end companies over a pair of wellies i have now ordered a pair of these! Cant wait. Fed up of always getting wet feet in my old wellies.


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    I have a pair of zipped ones. They have had plenty of use and are fine. I got fed up paying too much money for those French ones that werent that good so gave the Jack pyke ones a go no regrets.

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