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Thread: Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar x German Wirehaired Pointer...Litter of the Year

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    Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar x German Wirehaired Pointer...Litter of the Year

    Fanny is without a doubt the best bred bitch in the UK. She was bought out of the legendary Horstel, Vom Schultenort Kennels of George Viesmann. Breeder of the Year 2012 Artland South Oldenburg region of Germany. Fanny is bred in the purple being a daughter of Queen of Field Edge probably the Greatest dam in Germany. Bee Vom Schultenort, Queens 2nd litter is the dam of Resi Vom Weathercal which is this years Hegewald winner. Queens 4th litter to Donn from Bandorfer Forest was voted litter of the year 2012 in Germany. Falco Vom Schultenort, Fanny's litter brother now stands at stud in Germany after completing his exams. Fannys sire Moppel vom Bandorfer-Forst hails from Sven Bielfeldt's Bandorfer-Forst kennels. The number 1 in the world. You do not see this kind of breeding in the Uk. The Dam herself never got the chance to travel back to the motherland to compete in JGHV tests but the breeding is still there.
    The Sire Kennine Cool Teal or Clint as he is known to his many friends and admirers is also owned and handled by myself. He has never competed in any KC tests or trials, he has been worked on most UK quarry and has opened up many peoples eyes to what these versatile dogs are capable of when out in the field. He has also opened up their hearts with his soft hearted nature while lounging around the family home. This dog has been owned and trained and handled by me since he was four month old. He is registered at stud and has been von Willebands tested free and has perfect hips and eyes He is a ultimate 39 kilo specimen and has never once let me down,
    Nothing has been spared with these pups. At 2 weeks and 4 days they are still feeding off their mothers plentiful milk and reared in kennels with underfloor heating and once they do go on to solid food you can guarantee they will be fed the best. Heres the chance to get the best bloodlines in Europe crossed with genuine working UK stock. Really want these to go to genuine working, family homes.Taking inquiries now with a view to pups going at about 10 weeks. All questions gladly answered. Photos and videos can be supplied. Both parents can be seen. 1 dogs 2 bitches left. All pups are liver and silver. Microchipped, tails docked dew claws gone. Export, rabies vaccination and passports can be arranged. Many thanks Phil. 07960971417
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    Sounds great, are they free to suitable home ? No mention of a price in the comprehensive advert.

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    Would love to see some photos.

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    Hi Cadex
    couple of the pups and a mother/father pic.Daughter back at weekend and shes a lot better than me at this and get some more on. cheersClick image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0628.jpg 
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    Quote Originally Posted by buckhunter 165 View Post
    Daughter back at weekend and shes a lot better than me at this
    Does she know the price?

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    Must be free then.....
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Looks like a cross breed - maybe that's why they're free??
    & what's with these claims - "without doubt the best bred bitch in the UK" ? Excessive difficult to proove & OTT advertizing imho.


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    I thought Aker Bilk died last week??? ( some say the best trumpet blower EVER )?
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    Price needed please as per the rules, you appear to be ignoring requests from the membership for a price.

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    sorry guys not ignoring anyone. Already answered 2 interested guys who pm'd me. The price is 1300 girls 1100 for boys.
    Just to answer a couple of questions by obviously not interested members.
    Yorric the VDD is technically a mongrel. Hundreds of years of fine tuning with German genetics till they end up with what THEY say is the perfect hunting dog. These mongrels are the blue bloods of hunting dogs recognized by our Kennel Club as pure bred. All this CAN be proven if you do your research on the World wide Web.
    Red dot trumpet blowing? or maybe years of research, time and money spent, traveling hundreds of miles to get the best bred bitch in the Uk.
    ps Aker Bilk who sadly died last week did not play the trumpet. He in fact played the clarinet. The trumpet and the clarinet are both wind instruments, meaning they are played by blowing air into them. However, they belong to different musical families. The trumpet is a brass instrument, while the clarinet is part of the woodwind section.

    Read more : (proof on world wide web)

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