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    safety harness

    i've just watched a training dvd about the safe use of high seats that came with one i ordered from cabelas, it would seem that a full body harness attached to the tree is a must, does anyone use one? as i've not heard or seen anyone doing so , and thought that it might be because high seats in the states seem to be a fair bit higher than the ones we use.

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    Hi Mjjl,
    The safety harnesses are produced and sold by our very own 'Gunslingergirl's' company! Why not pm her for more information.

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    I bought two a few years back from a UK supplier. Both came with safety harnesses which I promptly through away. The last thing I would do if I fell out of a tree would be to sue the manufacturer. Its the compensation culture thing again. My assumption is that everybody selling those high seats that are strapped to a tree covers their backs by providing them.


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    must admit one came with the seat i bought but i doubt it'll ever get used. i'm inclined to agree with grant its probably companies covering their back.

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    I think the harness bit really applies to the bow hunters as they seem to lean out from the seat. Ive nodded off and woke up before so might have been a good idea when tired.
    But I know I would never bother leave it for the other side ofthe pond.

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