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Thread: Domestic fridge for hanging a carcass?

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    Domestic fridge for hanging a carcass?

    Hi all
    apologies, I know this has been covered before because I searched, but as always there were a million matching threads and all had different snippets of the info I'm after.
    I've noticed it's possible to get hold of a second hand 1.5 meter domestic fridge for less than the cost of a fish and chip supper. I'm thinking that when I eventually manage to shoot another deer (rather than keep blanking like I have recently) it might be good to have somewhere better to hang it than just stuck in the cellar, so that I'm under less pressure to get it butchered etc without the risk of spoiling or whatever else. My questions are:
    Is thay big enough and/or does anyone have a special way of hanging or part butchering to make it big enough?
    Do I need to put a fan in there, and if so is a standard desk fan sat in the bottom ok?
    Assuming I clean the fridge properly after its had a furry carcass in it, I'm guessing I can also use it to store the butchered meat. How long will it keep? I know when it's off, obviously, but I don't want to waste anything because I left it too long in a fridge instead of freezing.

    Thanks all. There's no way I'm buying a coke chiller or anything like that, but the big fridge is within even my budget!
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    Hi mate I use a normal fridge freezer I got off the in laws when they had a new kitchen and it works a treat. The top half is the fridge which has a temp dial for differing settings and the bottom half has 3 freezer drawers which I keep the venison in afterwards, all in the garage. I got some 15mm stainless pipe from work and screwed 3 plastic 15mm pipe clips to the top inside to form a rail which they hang from. I have 2 munty carcasses in there as I type from this week with a plastic tray to catch the blood.

    It can be done without spending a wedge!!
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    Something like this mate 60/40 split so the fridge is bigger than the freezer!

    Fridge Freezer Hotpoint FFA60 | eBay
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    A home larder is fine with one of the 150cm high fridges. Here we have one, bought off ebay for 20. It fit in the boot of my old audi estate and with a bit of work to fit the wooden frame at the top (i know not ideal but i only hang deer in here for personal consumption and I'm happy with it).

    Here we have a pair of fallow bucks 1 <1 yr old and the other estimated at <2yr old. I think the heaviest weighed in at around about 70-80lbs. If my memory serves me.

    It was a tight squeeze to get them in there, but that said the fridge coped well with it and they stayed in there for 10 days before being skinned and butchered. Meat was lovely. I did put it stright into the freezer when butchered though.

    It certainly takes the pressue off to get things butched within a day or two!

    I would say it would be best suited to one fallow buck, maybe two fallow does, two roe or munties would be plenty of room.


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    Any body bother with one of these adds vents and a circulation fan as far as i can see as well as a easy to fit hanger bar


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    Friend of mine does exactly the same - he has an old fridge in his shed, he's simply drilled a hole through the top in the middle and fixed a hook in to hang the gambrel off. Copes with ventilation by opening the door once a day! Hangs roe in there for a week, then butchers them. Managed fine with that system for 20 years!

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    Regarding fans etc _ I had at one time a double door drinks chiller with fan ventilation.
    In my experience it only served to dry out the meat excessively, even though hung in the skin.
    ( Roe doe's )
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    Probably been said before mate , but keep a look around your local shops when being refitted - may get yourself a bargain!!!
    I am glad i did................. ( was a drinks cooler!!!

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    Looking at doing the same with a second hand fridge.
    Can you just drill straight through the top, to fit a hanging hook???
    Was looking at a large stainless steel bolt through the top with a cross strut on the outside, to spread the weight & sealed with frame sealant.
    Will this work or has anyone any other ideas.

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    This is mine. Just an Electrolux larder fridge (45 off ebay). It had a solid looking wine rack on the top steps which takes 2 roe comfortably just using 'S' hooks so no modification needed. Kept the shelves and use it for rabbits/woodies/pheasant etc if no deer 'resident'. 1.6m internal height.
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