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Thread: Bore scope in East Sussex?

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    Bore scope in East Sussex?

    Hello to the collective.

    Does anyone know where I can go to in East Sussex

    to to have a rifle looked at with a bore scope?

    I know of several further afield, but was hoping to find

    a closer solution.

    Many thanks.


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    I'm not sure about a bore scope but Diamond Shooting in Heathfield does threading and shortening along with other gunsmithing so a good chance he will have one. Worth a call at least. 01435 863295

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    Paddy Dane and co,if you google it.
    He is in spledhurst. Really helpful guy
    ATM Matt

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    I know an RFD/gunsmith that has one in Hawkhurst in Kent - depends where you are. PM me if you want his details.

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    Thank you all for your suggestions.

    Nunn hunter - I have a working relationship with Charlie, from Diamond Shooting Services, I do a little work for him now and again, used to be in the trade. And he doesn't have a bore scope.

    I think Paddy will be my man for the job, and will be in touch with him, hopefully later today.

    once again SD comes up trumps. Thanks guys..


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    is this a bore sighter? if so andersons in east grinstead do it

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    No, James.

    it is basically an endoscope to look inside the barrel to see what condition it is in.


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    occasionally sold in lidles, but might not squeeze down a small bore

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