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Thread: 12g buck shot info

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    12g buck shot info

    does anyone have any info or manual which can shine some light on a few loads or any links would be great


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    The American company Ballistic Products have a website with load data on it, go to thier Load of the Week page. I also have some data if you PM me more detail what you are looking for I might be able to help

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    Looking for a 9 pellet load in 2 3/4 12g

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    ssg gives you 12 in 2/34

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    yes & sg give you 9 but im looking for load data on any of the ssg sg loads


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    English SG is the same as American 00 Buck, pellet dia 0.330 inch/8.43mm.

    English SSG is the same as American 2 Buck, pellet dia 0.270 inch/6.8mm.

    In a 12 gauge pellet count can be anything from 6 to 20 pellets. For these sizes you should fine load data on Ballistic Products website however some of the components will be hard to find over here.

    Did you have a look at thier Load of the Week page.

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