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Thread: Jahti Jaki Premium boot

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    Jahti Jaki Premium boot

    My existing boots have just about given up the ghost so I am in the market so to speak. There has been a few posts recently about boots but nobody has mentioned the Jahti-Jaki Premium boot. Before I take the plunge I am keen to get some opinions please.


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    I've had a pair for about 8 years and have had no problems with them at all. I give them an occasional dose of Neatsfoot Oil and a coat of German military boot dubbin to keep them supple and watertight - they've stood up to some heavy duty hunting in the wettest of places. They are quite heavy in comparison to my Chiruca hunting boots and my Altberg walking boots.

    They are no longer my daily wear boots as chronic arthritis in my hands has caused me to seek out boots with a ski type ratchet fastener instead, but my youngest son still pinches the Jahti Jakt boots to hunt in when he's home on leave and he's a total gear whore...


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