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Thread: N1000 ap laser

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    N1000 ap laser

    N 1000AP laser, must be mint, and working correctley or anyone know where i can buy one new.

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    Clive ward you man night vision store
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    Thanks, i have phoned him , and was told he would phone me back asap, but alas he hasent yet.

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    go on the nightvisionforum and send him a pm . ps you didnt talk to a woman on the other end of the phone when you rang him did you if so she is not very good at passing messages on you need to contact him think you can order from is web site

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    Thanks hairlesshunter, and yes it was a woman, ill order one now of his web site

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    have you sorted a laser yet

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    Hi LES-P
    Ive just sent you a pm , but yes i have thanks, got a new one off Clive ward

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    You won't regret it, used mine last night, what a transformation!

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    They are great BUT have a go with the Quantum Firefly from starlight,
    I must admit with my Longbow nv the firefly comes out tops

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    It should as they are a lot more money than the n1000

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