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    Rem VSSF

    Any of you folks out there got one of these? Nice looking rifle but a bit heavy - heavier still when scoped, bipod and mod fitted. What do you think?

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    hi there, i have a remmington vssf its fantastic its scoped with a leupold long rangemark 4 tacital 8.5-25x50 illum ret, with jetz and bipod,

    you need to drop a new trigger in when you buy it as the pull is very hard.

    clients that have used this rifle while out lamping have said that you know when you pull the trigger your going to hit, i can't say more than that.

    its a great tool for vermin, yes it is heavy and you wouldnt want to carry it on foot for long time. using it from a landrover its mint.

    very steady great features hardly any flip from the barrel great to shoot unsupported.

    if your looking for something lighter i also own and would recomend

    remmington alaskan ti i have it in 30-06 its a little more money than the vssf its 6 and half pounds in wieght plus scope nightforce nsx 5.5-22x50.

    i would recomend a remmi to anyone

    i also have a sako fin light and and a steyr pro hunter both fantastic tools but the remmington are special.


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    Would one need a 26" barrel? I'd rather get a sps varmint, chop it down to 20" if 223 or 22" with the 22-250 / swift. Get a good stock and trigger.
    and your good to go.


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    Thanks for your comments.

    Harry, I also have a pro hunter mountain and sako 75, like them both but fancy a VSSF.

    As Edi said, 26'' is enough barrel - add a mod and you are adding a min of 2 more inches. I know all the benfits of mods but could I get away w/o one to keep the weight and length down?

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    Me too, I have a Rem VSSF in .308 with bipod and mod and Nightforce scope. Lovely and heavy, keeps itself still in use and reduces felt recoil. Accurate too; If I miss I know it's me not the rifle. Remington trigger is fine (when set up by Callum Ferguson). No problems, no regrets.

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    have one in 223 shortened it to 20in fitted jewel trigger 20moa rail and t8on the front with i.o.r scope 200roe deer and two meney foxes to count longest shot on a roe deer 370yards dead on the spot now very well balanced standing shots no problem comes with a nice h/s presision stock fully pillar bedded tack driver kills every thing you point it at no regreats was worth every penney 1in at 200 yards no problem with federal 55g standard amuniton id recomend one to eney one all the best rob

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    I have one of these in 204 ruger the VSSF 2 model and it is a nice rifle, just not using it hardly at the minute, pick up the 243 sako every time instead !

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