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Thread: Sako m591 .308 wood and blue

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    Sako m591 .308 wood and blue

    For sale is my sako m591 .308

    i believe this dates s from around the 90s

    21 inch barrel screw cut

    condition is about a 9/10

    wood is perfect no marks no dinks and no wear

    blueing is perfect no wear on the bolt or floorplate mag

    The condition of this rifle could be classed as new it's that good

    it has had aluminium pillers fitted

    i dont no no how many rounds it's had thru it but I wouldn't have thaught it's more than a few hundred

    I've added a few more pictures

    Im asking 550
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails image.jpg   image.jpg   image.jpg   image.jpg   image.jpg  

    image.jpg   image.jpg   image.jpg   image.jpg   image.jpg  

    image.jpg   image.jpg  
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    Wish this had been up for sale 5 weeks ago!!

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    Bump and few more pics added

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    Bump and price drop to 550 as my new rifle has arrived

    surely a bargain for someone

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    Markfox. I'd be interested in having a look at this, but need to know whether its sensible to think about driving over to see you and it. Whereabouts in Worcs? Paul (St Albans)

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    I am waiting on variation to come through, so will keep an eye out to see if this sells.

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    Pretty rifle, second only to the Sako75 and even then it's a photo finish. If my numbers come up tonight I'll be in touch. If not then best of luck with the sale and have a bump on me.
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    I have the same rifle in .308, although mine has been re barrelled by border, a better rifle you will not find in my opinion. I am indeed looking for another M591 in a smaller calibre to replace the Tikka T3 in 243, Tikka are great but Sako are so much better, I would recommend the M591 to any one, for 550 quid you wont regret it.

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