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    Dsc 1

    Hi all, does anyone know if any DSC1 courses coming up shortly ??? just contacted BASC and the next one in my area is next Feb , I am willing to travel a bit, but within reason.Hopefully around Cumbria , Lancs , SW Scotland .
    Thanks Brian

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    Have you checked out the BDS site for courses.

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    Contact" Paul at the Barony" on the site he completes all the level one courses for the Barony college just north of Dumfries

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    A friend and i run them in Galloway.
    drop me your no and i will give you a call.


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    Try Jon Snowdon at Greenlee Deer just west of Hexham. Nice chap in some beautiful forest just off Hadrian's wall (his summer house/training room overlooks Steel Rigg and Sycamore Gap where the tree from the Robin Hood film is). I would expect his first course of the year to be starting pretty soon.

    Google Greenlee deer and you will find him.


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    The next DSC 1 course at Barony is April but we can run a course anytime with a couple of weeks notice.

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    Try Ronny Rose at eskdalemuir on 013873 73216 or at
    Well priced and very educational

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