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Thread: shooting permission tayside

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    shooting permission tayside

    Is somebody shooting/ stalking or have permission to do so near Dundee? ( tayside, perthshire, angus, fife) ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidDundee View Post
    Is somebody shooting/ stalking or have permission to do so near Dundee? ( tayside, perthshire, angus, fife) ??
    Yes .. Why??

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    Yeh me too , but you`ve tweaked my curiosity ! lol,, why ?

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    Having read his intro, think he might be wanting paid stalking (seems he's from Poland so English might not be his first language?)

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    Yeah, I am new here and I am looking for someone to hunt deers/foxes with or to clay shooting together.

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    I'm in Angus , I suspect a few of us here that in areas you asking for , please don't be put off by this but
    Most people will be very cautious about taking an unknown person with them on their permissions unless they know them.
    The reason is because this has been done before to many people & the person has tried to take the permissions from them, not illegal at all, just immoral way of doing it.
    I am not suggesting at all that this is directed at you .... Just explaining why maybe lack of reply


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    Best bet would be to head out to Auchterhouse Country Sports & have a few sessions on the sporting layout there.......if you join the club I'm pretty sure your list of contacts will soon expand

    As Paul says above, there's no disrespect intended but a lot of people will understandably be very cautious about shooting live quarry on their permissions with someone unknown to them. Don't be disheartened though, it's not meant personally

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    Thank you very much for all your responses.

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