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Thread: Best jacket and trousers for northants winter stalking

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    Best jacket and trousers for northants winter stalking

    I'm looking for a new coat and trousers for stalking, I'm northants so it's not often it's really cold, I'm a farmer so spend all day in a shirt summer or winter. I'm stuck at what to buy, has to be very waterproof not to hot that I sweat before I start dragging but warm and worth the money.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Thanks james

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    I find the pinewood trousers to be waterproof, comfortable and not too expensive, also not sweaty. I have just returned from a weeks highland stalking and have no complaints with them. I purchased them from the bushcraft store, Enfield (they do have a website). Jackets I stick with Ridgeline for the same reasons.
    hope this of some use

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    Try Deerhunter there's loads of choice. you should be able to pick some up at reasonable prices. Use good base layers to help with the sweating. I have a few items from Ridgeline but don't use them unless it is very wet and have to put up with the sweating as I don't find them very breathable. I do rate the Fjallhaven trousers, but they're not cheap.

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    Hi James. I bought 2 pair of outfox trousers at the CLA. They were/are on offer at 60. They consist of the outer trouser which are well made by a german firm called schoffel, wind and water proof while breathable. Then the inner layer which apparently reduces scent while also being good for cooler days as an extra layer. Then finally a further clip in layer of padded insulation for sitting in seats etc. So good for all seasons. I'm well impressed and may put a further couple pairs on stock for future years. Jackets looked very good also but I wasn't in need of one, although very tempting.

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    I bought a MTP goretex jacket/ trousers from British Military Surplus, great quality and service. As others have said in threads similar to this you can also buy a windproof smock from them to wear over the goretex. The windproof smock can also be treated with waterproofer and this could be worn on days when rain is not heavy. This would give you options depending on the weather. The goretex is easily carried in a pack too.

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    Hi Jimmy
    We would recommend quite a few options: All these recommendations are 100% waterproof, designed for layering, so none are too heavy for all seasons:-
    Jack Pyke Hunters, one of our Woburn Farmers has been wearing and trialing this for us for a few years and is delighted with it. He bought the English Oak set back in 2008 and is still wearing it. We reproofed it for him last year and apart from the crotch tapes going, still has a few years of service ahead.
    Seeland Marsh: Tough Durable and designed for a working life. Tougher than it's big brother, Keeper and a bit noisier, in the middle is Exeter Advantage.
    If you want to see these and try before you buy, our main store is just south of MK, 5 mins from Toddington Junction on the A5, so not that far. We are open 7 days a week.
    If you can't get time to visit, call us and we can talk you through any questions you might have. Our store number is 01525 211488. Ask for Brendan or Andrew

    We also price match internet prices instore too, so you will get the best of all the options: - Advise, Try, and the best price too.

    We are in Hockliffe, LU7 9LS.

    All the best

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    Lutterworth army surplus plenty to choose from there

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    I'd agree with MS if it was for Oxfordshire or Bedfordshire but not for Northamptonshire
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Or Leicestershire....................................

    Hold on a minute, this is the stalking version of Mornington Crescent isn't it?

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