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Thread: Stalking for 2015.

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    Stalking for 2015.

    Hi Guys.
    After being a syndicate member for two years on a great piece of ground in the Scottish Borders I have been told by the lease holder that the syndicate is not going to run beyond April 2015.
    So I have this winter to enjoy the ground and will then find myself with very little stalking for the following year.

    A bit of a long shot I know but I thought a little post on here may turn something up.

    I currently go with a mate as this shares the travelling cost and to be perfectly honest makes the trips more social and enjoyable.

    We do put a lot of time on the ground and will have had some 48 days on the ground by April. We shoot the lions share of the required cull as other members don't fill their own time on the ground.

    We both hold DSC level 2, ATV licences, Emergency first aid at work (including lone worker), manual handling, insurance, in short enough paper to destroy a forest.

    We are looking for some quality stalking. And would prefer Sika or red. However Fallow or Roe would be a change.
    We are happy to stalk anywhere in the country, but distance is of course a consideration.
    At present we tend to stalk in 3-4 day visits over a weekend.

    Although currently we have had little chance to dig in and help out on the ground we are prepared to build and supply high seats, cut clearings etc.

    If you have anything in the pipeline and run open, honest, good humoured syndicates we would like to hear from you.
    I hope there is something out there and look forward too receiving some PM's.
    We realise our high number of days may put some off so may have to consider a couple of syndicates. However this may be beneficial to us to provide variety of species or environment.

    If you have any questions please get in touch.

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    sorry to hear this john, i can vouch for john he is a hardworking, nice down to earth lad and a pleasure to talk too.

    i wish you all the best in your search



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    Thanks Dave. I suspect I'll wait a long time to find something anywhere as good. Especially as I don't have many mates within the stalking world. So thanks for the thumbs up it may well help.

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    One kind member has given me a lead. I await a call with anticipation. May not lead to anything but shows all hope is not lost. There are a few good uns out there.

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    Got the call, but unfortunately spaces had been taken. Still got another man looking for something for me if anything else comes up. Thanks to A*** who doesn't know me and went out of his way to help. The search continues but I am sure there's light at the end of the tunnel.
    Another mate has offered to help out which is very good and will keep me from going insane if nothing else comes up. I didn't expect anything to turn up but seems I've got more mates than I realised.
    Still looking for utopia though, so if you've got 2000 acres or so with red, sika, and a few roe on and haven't got time to go stalking I'll be happy to help out and even pay for the privilege.

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    Nothing turned up! Some have said the high usage will put folk off. Which I had considered. However I'd rather put my cards on the table from the start. I also seem to remember a thread or two on here where people had syndicates failing to put the time in and get the cull done, so thought our determination might be put to use by some managers to for fill their cull.

    Any leads will be treated in confidence and much appreciated.

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    high usage may puts some off but you are doing the right thing by being up front and honest, because after all synidcates run on TRUST.

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    Had a lead on some ground way up in Scotland which sounds great, but is a long way. I hope to get up and have a look in the new year. In the mean time I should add that I will have at least 6 galvanised high seats available to be used on any ground I should be lucky enough to find. These effectively come free for the syndicate while I'm in it.

    As said I'm looking for some good ground with "the right people". Drop me a line if you have anything. Thanks and have a happy christmas break.

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    Another potential lead from DS which may turn something up for later in the year. In the mean time I'm still looking. There's go to be some ground out there somewhere!
    Looks like it may be sooner rather than later that I loose the existing ground as the woods just been sold. I suspect once paperwork is done we'll get the marching order. I hope they keep us on till the end of the doe/hinds otherwise I'll have missed out on most of my time there.
    Still it sure makes me appreciate the time I have had on there, which have been an absolute pleasure. I've learned so much trying to get them flighty sika and really found how much I love stalking. I now don't really know how I didn't get into it sooner.

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