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Thread: 243 Scottish red legal factory ammo

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    243 Scottish red legal factory ammo

    Can anyone recommend a factory ammo in 243 which conforms to the Scottish requirements for reds?? I know I should stick to my 308 but it's pants so would prefer to use my 243 if poss. Cheers

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    Federal 100 g soft points

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    Got to be 100grain expanding, then it just depends on how quick your rifle spits them out.....
    what rifle and barrel length do you have (maybe so one on here will have chrono'd ammo with a similar rifle?)

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    PPU 100 gr soft points. Cheap and accurate if you have a t3. Check there website for velocities then adjust for your barrel length.

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    Cheers all, I have some Feds in back of safe so will give them a go as they do appear to exceed the requirements

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    Why is your 308 pants ?

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    Pants in comparison to my 243 I should have said as 243 has better optics and I prefer to use it in the field. Just wasn't sure if it has enough wellie for reds, I guess that would be a start for another thread.

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    I use federal power shoks and RWS soft points both 100 grain. My Howa .243 fires them both exactly the same. The feds are a bit cheaper but I would say the RWS are a better bullet. The feds seem to be a bit louder and make a bit more mess.

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    I used Federal Powershocks 100g, very accurate out of the Sako 85

    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    I used RWS 100gr when I'd had a .243 on the hill. If I had one now and hadn't started reloading, I'd use GECO 105gr - assuming the rifle liked them.

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