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Thread: Binocular Harness recommendations please.

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    Binocular Harness recommendations please.

    Hi guys, I have recently acquired a pair of Zeiss victory 8x56B T*P* binoculars, these are a superb pair of binoculars but are not the lightest! I am looking for a decent quality harness to make caring them easier for stalking purposes.

    I have contacted Zeiss UK, but they only have the neck strap available (which I already have), I would be very interested in any personal recommendations for a shoulder harness that other members have used.

    Many thanks.

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    Lockdown are the best I have used. I recommend you have a look for a stockists, unfortunately we don't, but they are very good
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    I use a camo lockdown with leica rf as they are a heavy bino

    the lockdown is a good bit of kit and does the job very nice and secure

    the only concern is you want to fit 56mm Binos in one which could be a struggle mine are 8 x 42 and there a snug fit

    have a chat with stalkers uk always had good service from them

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    I have 8x56 binocs and they are to big for lockdown

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    The Alaskan guide creations bino pouch is a brilliant bit of kit and comes in various sizes to suit most binoculars, I also have used the lockdown and its really good and faster to deploy than the Alaskan but offers nowhere near the protection so the winner in this for me is the AGC binocular pouch.

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    We do 3 sizes of "Bino-Jacket" and a sturdy harness - all make in the UK, both products available separately or in a combo deal as in past SD classifieds.

    Thanks Rob for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheshire Lad View Post
    We do 3 sizes of "Bino-Jacket" and a sturdy harness - all make in the UK, both products available separately or in a combo deal as in past SD classifieds.

    Thanks Rob

    Forgot about this I got one from the above seller for a mate who is delighted with it excellent bit of kit....

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    Agreed - great bit of kit for a tenner!
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    I use the allen version of the bushnell harness. works a treat.

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