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Thread: Jagd & Hund Dortmund or IWA Nuremberg?

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    Jagd & Hund Dortmund or IWA Nuremberg?

    My mate and I are considering attending one of the above events next year. Anyone been to them both and what's the recommendations for which is the better of the two for a visit? I appreciate one is aimed at the trade. Does that mean trade only visitors?


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    IWA is for trade only. I'm going to Dortmund. Flight and hotel already booked.

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    I confirm, IWA for trade only. If you succeed in persuading anybody in the trade (gunsmith, shopowner a.s.o.) to declare you as an employee you may have access. At IWA you will see all possible equipment (weapons, ammo, optics and garment) with all possible new products, but no hunting agency.

    I never visited Dortmund, but from reports on the Continental press it seems to be a place for looking at equipment (maybe except the newest products) and agencies.
    I recommend Salzburg, where I regularly visit "Die Hohe Jagd". Besides being a good show of equipment and agencies (from Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic a.s.o. ) it is a beautiful city, usually appreciated by ladies as well, in case you decide to share the entertainment with the memsahib.

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    IWA is for trade bri but you will see everything for the deerstalker mate.

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    IWA is great, always fancied the Jagd And Hund show though.

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    Thanks for the replies guys...

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    I might be interested in going to the Jagd und Hund. I'll give you a call early next week. Glyn.

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    I'll be there....! Looking forward to it
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    Have also been to IWA. Can recommend this fair. You can easely spend a couple af days, but yes only for traders.
    Never been to J&H.

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