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    Blaser R8

    Looking at the R8s. Like the success stock but undecided on barrel profile. Thinking 223 and 308 in 20" or less . Really like fluted barrels . Anyone own one in these combinations have any opinions ? Is the fluted barrel heavier?
    atb Steve

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    There are different fluted barrels heavy mid and light so be careful, if you buy the std stock with std barrel Chanel the others won't fit, I have a r8 success now and very happy with it in 243, before that I had a r93 and was just as happy, my father has a r8 professional as he doesn't like the thumb hole stock, had no problems with any of them and always shoot spot on with most ammo

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    I bit the bullet earlier this year and bought a R8 Pro Success in .308" with the standard barrel. It is an awesome bit of kit and well worth every penny. I think that it is a bit heavier than my Remington 700 but feels perfectly balanced. Do it!

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    It's not on your doorstep but they will be at the range for demo next weekend, standard profile non fluted and match barrel fluted in both professional and pro success. Come along and have a play and discuss your exact requirements.

    Come and visit us for a Blaser or Mauser fitting, get the right rifle for your needs.

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