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Thread: Damn poaching *******s!

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    Thumbs down Damn poaching *******s!


    Dropped in to see my mate and game-dealer this afternoon. As he shoots adjacent ground, we have a lot of contact and keep an eye out for any sign of anything untoward on our grounds.

    He shared a sickening story with me.

    After placing some hunters in high-seats, he was driving on a local road through his permissions, when a Fallow buck crossed in his car headlights. He could see the beast was showing obvious injury, so screeched to a halt, grabbed a rifle (fortunately NV equipped) and managed to put it out of its misery.

    The wound was obviously caused by a miss-placed head shot. The classic blown away jaw resulted in a beast that was starving to death, in obvious agony. No fodder in the digestive system & decomposing tissue all pointed towards a wound that had been dealt at least five days previously.

    Head shooting may well have a place in a restrained 'park' environment - but not IMO in the field. The fact that this was the result of a poachers bullet rather than a legitimate stalker matters not. He did not intend to miss. We never do.

    Deer move unexpectedly & no-one shoots perfectly 100% of the time.

    Both good reasons to give yourself maximum room for error, and use a chest shot whenever possible.

    As for the poacher, well, let's just say that Sharia law has it's good points!



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    That's truly horrific. Thank God he was able to end its suffering.

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    it makes me feel sick to think what that poor animal had been through in the last few days


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    That is horrific as has been said..

    Unimaginable to comprehend the suffering..

    No to Sharia in this country mate..

    But happy to lop his goolies off..

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Graphic images our Ian that need to be seen if only to educate folk...

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    That, and deer full of 22lr bullets.

    Oh yeah, scum with lurchers.

    Hanging is too good for them.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlet View Post
    Graphic images our Ian that need to be seen if only to educate folk...
    True. Did a session on deer management for the local WI last week. Usual questions around why shoot Bambi etc and I put forward the 'responsible management' arguement. What really did the trick was pictures of poached deer - dog damage, crossbow bolts, bits hanging off etc. When presented with the either/or rhetorical question everybody quite obviously 'voted' for the responsible deer manager option.

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    Ian, after having visited with you & Jo & seen some of your countryside, It was hard for me to imagine this sort of stuff went on down there, your rural idyll could do with some rough justice, before it gets to be too much like the problem areas we have up here....................... Claret, I know where you are coming from with the Lurcher thing, but not everyone with Greyhounds & or Lurchers actually "run" them, Steve
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    We found a red stag in a similar state on an estate I stalk on 2 yrs ago, the animal had been shot with .22 CF through lower jaw and subsequently suffered lingering death.

    Upon being found (still warm) it had lower jaw "hanging off" with its remains infested with maggots and severly distended. The beast either died of infection or starvation, possibly having been shot a week (or two) earlier.

    On the reverse side of this incident, (a picture of the animal now features in Anti Poaching posters nationaly) we have re-started "poacher watch" in our area and the police have upped the anti on poaching and the related criminal activity that goes with it.

    You are pretty much guaranteed to be "turned over" (stop checked) if you have a van / dogs etc

    The indidents are happening less, but there is still the hard core at it, but they are more likely to be caught sooner rather than later as has happened several times recently.

    Info is the key really, if you see something suspicious (no matter how small) ring it in to the authorities, if they are on your ground / land, have they damaged a fence to get in - if so its criminal damage and the suspects are on the scene - this demands immediate response.....

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    I agree with Ian on this head shooting is for armatures who think there good and this i hope will bring reality back to all them that said head shooting was except able. Poaching is a different matter and if caught should suffer the full extent of the law. But Claret i cannot see anything here that would have this as done by Lurchers. While hunting with dogs is against the law there is no lurcher chap i new would have ever left a deer like this. This was an out an out criminal act.

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