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Thread: any one know?

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    any one know?

    hi guys dose any one know were i can get a rain gard for my leupold tactical binos 40mm eye cup?

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    Just use a flap of leather. Works great. Cut it big enough so that when you string it through the neck strap it hangs over the eye cups. When you lift the bins to yur eyes, you'll find that the leather flap falls back out of the way, and then falls forward into position when you return the bins to dangle on your chest... Simples...

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    Hey Pippa, I've seen this method some years ago an tried it and couldn't get it to work. Would you mind postin a few pics so I can see how it works?


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    I aggree too, use a nice soft piece of leather. The only thing I would add is to make it on the large size to begin with, you can always trim 1/2 an inch off the edge allround if required. I've got these on all my binos and an added bonus is that the more you use them the more character and shape they take and almost become a custom fit. JC

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    As JC275 says, use a relatively soft piece of leather - it needs to be able to flop over and back, and not smack you in the nose, but not so light that it gets moved around in the wind.

    Just make some slits in the side to thread your neck strap through...

    Make sure it is big enough to cover the eye cups..

    When at rest it should hang over the eye cups:

    And when you raise the bins to your eyes, it should flop back - you may need to 'twitch' a little as you raise the bins to encourage the leather to move back...

    Thanks to my mate Andy who posed for the photos and video - he says he's available at very reasonable rates for any future photo- or video-graphic work...

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    The leather flap works very well. Yes you do sometimes need to 'twitch' to get it to flap back particularly in cold weather (makes the leather stiffer). Pippa very kindly lent me her bins for a recent stalk and I had no trouble with the flap at all.

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    Thanks Pippa

    Now to find soft leather, cutting up the CinC Naval Home Commands soft leather cushions isn't an option I think

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    Sorry if i'm being ignorant but don't that flap around in the wind a bit.

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    Not at all... You just need to ensure that the leather you use is heavy enough, but not so heavy and stiff that it won't flap back and forth when you want it to. It would have to be pretty gusty to have an effect on the one I use.

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