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Thread: BSA .243 and .22 Hornet advice

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    BSA .243 and .22 Hornet advice

    Hi all,
    recently a local chap I knew fairly well through work died. We always liked to chat about shooting etc and I got on well with him and his wife. When he died his wife rang me for advice about his guns and what to do. I pointed her at the police and she now has a temporary FAC. She has now asked me to help her dispose of the guns , being an OU Nikko shotgun an BSA .243 and a BSA .22 hornet I guess these are 70's / 80's rifles. All three are pretty beaten up, the rifles have cheap old glass. I have spoken to Greenfields in Salisbury they are offering over the phone about 30 each for the rifles and a bit more for the shotgun.
    Now the widow wants no hassle and doesn't really like people coming around the house. Do I advise her just to get rid of them to Greenfeilds? or is there enough value in the rifles for me to help her sell them privately, I suspect every penny counts for her as she is not well off.

    Any advice much appreciated George

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    Take pictures and put them on here for oppinion on value

    I'd quite happily give you 30 for a hornet with scope

    if if its a good day I might go 40

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    if you say she does not want the hassle and does not want visitors it would probably be best to offload them to the dealer , the only one that makes me think otherwise might be the Hornet , could you arrange to put it on your ticket and sell it for her - you might get a even get temp' certificate to assist - if you have enough storage ?

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    No they are trying to rip her off. And whilst business is business it is quite disgraceful. If she contacts a good auction house, Holt's in Norfolk, they can arrange for a carrier to collect the rifles and take them to Norfolk to be sold at auction. They will realise, even with commission and charges more than thirty quid apiece.

    Not a huge amount although the real prize is the BSA .22 Hornet. I am guessing it is a Hunter? In which case these are sought after. The .243 and the Nikko? Maybe about a ton apiece. Call Holt's and as long as you can wrap the rifles in bubble wrap and a decent card box then they can be collected. They will also take the ammunition if any. If the guns have slips sell them to friends.

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    Enfield I wouldn't put it quite as stronly as that. You know yourself that it would be impossible for any dealer to give a price over the phone sight unseen, and the markup for them on two rough old rifles wouldn't normally make it worth the bother. Giving the benefit of the doubt perhaps they said something like " we can't say but it may be as low as worth only 30 each to us".
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    If the scope mounts are the Parker Hale original type for BSA rifles, they have a significant value, if in good serviceable condition. If you look on here or e-bay you will see what I mean.
    The old BSA rifles do not fetch much money, unless in pristine condition. I have a 1954 BSA Hornet which, apart from nasty scratches on the stock was in pristine condition. I knew both its previous owners and it had fired only 150 or so rounds, a real sleeper. I paid 250 which was the asking price and which I considered was its true value at the time. I have seen many BSA .22Hornets over the years, but most of them have bores in poor condition. I spoke with John Knibbs a few years ago as John bought up all the BSA spares when they stopped manufacturing the rifles. He did not have any .22Hornet barrels left.
    I agree entirely with 8x57 that condition is everything. If you would like to PM me with the serial numbers I should be able to tell you which models they are, as I have John Knibbs' book 'The Golden Century'. Also you may be able to look at the proof mark that shows the year the rifle were proofed. I have the year codes here too.
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    Holts are good to deal with. I have had them collect from me before. They can give advice on value when they come to take them. They obviously would want to earn a percentage of the sale.

    Alternatively I have a space for a .22 hornet and i'm willing to take on a little project rifle!

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    Funnily enough I was pondering the thought of the .243w as a project rifle too. Any chance of some photographs please.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Sorry guys have only just caught up with the thread I have some photos that are OK but not great. When I took them I had a better look at the rifles and they aren't as bad as all that, I would say they were more unloved than over used. The Hornet has a Nikko Stirling Gold Crown 4 x 40 and th .243 has a Pecar 3-7 x 35 on it which I believe is not a bad scope for its age that still holds its own.
    I'm having problems uploading the photos so anyone still interested please PM me your email.

    I have spoken to the FEO and I have to get a temporary FAC which will not last long so if it happens at all timing will be tricky.

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    That is way too cheap. The Nikko O/U is the same as a Winchester 101 XTR. Even with a scratched up stock, it is mechanically a very strong and solid gun, $500 in the USA in just okay condition, $700 for really clean. Likewise, the rifles are worth 7 or 8 times 30.

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