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Thread: Hydrographic Coatings

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    Hydrographic Coatings

    Hi, has any got any experience of the long term durability of the Hydrographic, dip style stock coatings? Glyn

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    I have two rifles with dip coatings, (both done by Bad Boy Graphics from Scotland) the coatings are very heard wearing, I've a chip on one stock where I removed the bolt and caught the top of the comb, other than that its 100%

    Thoroughly recommend their service and you'll be pleased with the prices too...

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    Hi Glyn,
    Im involved in Hydrographing or water transfer printing as its also called.
    It as durable as any applied finish. What sort of theme were you looking to do?

    ATB Al

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    The one comment I would make is that any coating is only as hard as the surface it is put on. Hydrographics have come on a fair way, as have their protective lacquers. Dipping is certainly an art and complex items like stocks need to be done by experienced people to get the transfer even and without defect.
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    Its early days yet but I fancy pimping a stainless synthetic rifle. I was thinking of having the metalwork cerakoted black and the stock dipped with a woodgrain effect. This would be on an ultra light, occasional use rifle. Just daydreaming at the moment though!

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    did get 2 custom air rifles both logun mk1 and mk2 and in the space of 5 years no problems with the coatings on both guns.

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