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    gun range

    any one know of any gun ranges in the inverness area?
    cheers James

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    Yes there is one near Cawdor I think. They had a stand at the Moy game fair and were looking for new members. I havnt been for many ,many years and only went as a guest but seem to remember that you got your own key and could use the range when suits. It was a full-bore range. things might have changed though. David

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    Bugger that'll teach me to read the heading correctly.. thought it said gun rage!!!LOL

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    Yip Cawdor Rifle Club is the one. Not to expensive either. I know Brian O'Connell very well, infact Brian was the very person who introduced me to Deer Stalking and I shot my first Deer, a Roe, while stalking with him, I was the ripe old age of 13.

    Here is a link-


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    Yep Cawdor have a range 600 yds i think.


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    Hi Tartanjock, I only joined this forum tonight and was searching "inverness" and "highlands"... Unbelievably your comment " I know Brain O'Connell very well, in fact Brian was the very first person to introduce me to deer stalking and I shot my first deer, a roe, while stalking with him, I was the ripe old age of 13"

    This is the exact same for me however it was a Sika Stag... Nearly all my stalking was done with Brian. Unfortunately he's no longer with us now, but reading your comment brought a great smile to my face. Great memory's and he was some man!!


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