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Thread: electric case prep kit

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    electric case prep kit

    I have been reloading for several years but not bothered with one so far However reading CSLs post and the accompanying photos am now thinking some kind of centre would be good to save the fiddling about and sore fingers Had a look at the RCBS Trim Mate Case Prep Centre. Are they any good? Other recommendations? can you get an electric trimmer also?? I reload 5 different calibres

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    have a look at the lyman case prep express they are brilliant

    give us a bell if you fancy a deal on one 01263 732740
    Official Sponsor to Team GB F Class

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    Well I can give a brief user review rather than a sales pitch. I have the Lyman, well made, initially I thought it rotated a bit slowly, but it works a treat and there is plenty of torque, which comes in handy when removing Military crimps. You can deburr, chamfer. It has Large and small, primer pocket cleaner,primer uniformer tool, and Military crimp removers. 2 neck brushes. It has 5 stations to put your chosen bits in. Easily cleaned with provided brush and little chute at the front of the base. It is a good quality, very solid, well thought out bit of kit, only possible downside (for some, not me personally) is it looks to be a bit bigger than the RCBS.
    Lazy?? Definitely. Does it do a great job?? Yes. Will it produce better quality prepped cases, I doubt it, but it produces them to the same standard a lot quicker with less wear on the hands and wrists. Combine this with the Worlds Finest Trimmers and case prep is criminally quick.
    I got mine from Optics Warehouse who posted it when I had paid for it funnily enough and it also arrived when they said it would, always a bonus when you have waited in all day, another superb company to deal with to add to the list.

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    I'V got a new lyman on the bench in its box used it once too slow for me, so i'v gone back to 18v avg drills ,all set up with what i need and do the same but faster , also gone back to tumbler and stopped using the new lyman ultra sonic old school for me .

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    did you want to sell the Lyman?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    have a look at the lyman case prep express they are brilliant

    give us a bell if you fancy a deal on one 01263 732740
    i have one and they save your fingers and time if you want to know anything drop me a pm


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