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Thread: Cleaning a Wildcat Predator 8 Moderator

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    Cleaning a Wildcat Predator 8 Moderator

    Hmmm I am wondering how often, i.e how many rounds fired, do you think before the moderator should be stripped and cleaned. Have looked on their website and although it tells you how to clean it no mention is made of the frequency.

    Now I stripped mine last night and had a bit of trouble unscrewing the calibre adaptor and blast shield due to the carbon build up so it was obviously due for a cleaning . This time I just used hot Soapy water as suggested but there is some more stubborn burnt on carbon so perhaps I had better get some brake cleaner as it suggests. I used a pan scourer to clean the Stainless steel blast shield so now I have to get out a new pan scourer before Mother notices but it's shiney again .

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    I used to be quite obsessive and cleaned after almost every outing , but now I guess I do it about every 20 rounds or so, or after a range session, or after an outing in heavy rain. (Some people would probably still call that obsessive ). I think most of the time it's more important to make sure it dries out than is clean because as you most likely know, water is produced on combustion and the remaining salts are hygroscopic and corrosive.

    p.s. I have used a dish cleaning sponge too.


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    When I changed from a T8 to a Wildcat Predator 8 I got into the habit of cleaning it with the same regularity;-)
    I don't use them now anywhere near as often as I used to, which was at least once a day, but when I do, I still only put it in the airing cupboard over night and then put it away for next time!!

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    Hmmmm I just looked it up and I have put around 110 rounds through the Moderator and this is it's first cleaning. Most of the rounds were 25-06 but the last 23 were 6.5x55.

    The mod did get wet on my stalking outing the other week due to the fog and mist but I put it on the radiator to dry out over night when I got home and left it on it for the morning before putting it away in it's plastic tube.

    I will be orderign a .27 insert for it so perhaps I will ask the manufacturer what they recommend as to frequency for cleaning .

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    I'd strip mine after every outing, even if it was just to dry wipe it out, I'd then use a very thin oil, like gun/rifle oil on the threads and tighten up just hand tight, no white knuckle stuff.

    If I fire a shot or several, I'd strip, dry it off and use fine wire wool, I found this the best to be honest, would remove the carbon with ease. just do it over a towel or outside as the Missus won't be best impressed if you do it over the carpet


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    Hmmmm this has got me thinking. I have used light oil on the o-rings and threads before but today I used Abbey SM2 grease. Seems I will have to find out more about cleaning it as perhaps was not doing it enough.

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    Right Fella's, Wildcat mods, best lube for the 'O' rings in my book is food grade silicon grease, you can get this from any good dive shop (It's used in the regs), frequency of cleaning / stripdown, this will depend on the powder you are using & how dirty burning it is............ I would offer a 200 round count before breaking it down for cleaning in any event, longer with cleaner burning stuff, Steve.
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