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    Early morning rise & a cup of cofffee before climbing up on the buckie & heading out.
    Beautiful morning and amazing scenery.
    Giraffes stroll gracefully out of your wayas you make your way along rutted tracks.
    Ostriches, with less sense run ahead of you like the pheasants that run in front of you at home rather than move to the side!
    This is one hell of an adventure and I am loving it!!!

    We spotted a few herds of Impala but theye were gone before we got anywhere near,

    Then up ahead there appeared a large herd although all appeared ewes.
    Then the PH excitedly pointed to a ram anongst the ewes. He must have been quite an old boy with serious attitude to hold such a harem!

    The grass was high and there was a great deal of brush between us. The PH hought that if we got down from the buckie we would lose them and asked if I was ok to shoot from the buckie.

    I told him that I was fine and laid the rifle on the roof of the cab across a padded bar.
    The ram appeared in my crosshairs at aroound 100 metres but there wasa bush between us with several branches preventing a clear shot.

    i waited and waited as he slowly moved to the side.

    As soon as he came clear I took the shot into the engine room.

    i was convinced of a good shot but as the herd scattered one animal that ran off to the right appeared lame and I began to doubt!

    We marked the spot and waited while the chaps had a cigarette.

    We climbed down from the buckie and made our way over to the clearing - nothing!

    No sign of blood & no animal!!

    I started to think that the bullet must have hit a branch that I didn't see & been deflected.

    We scanned the ground moving outwards.

    i spotted some blood, just a few drops but I knew then that I had hit the animal and was begining to think that I must have wounded it.
    I felt really bad and went over the shot again & again in my head. i was sure that it was a goood shot.

    Then the PH, standing 10 metres from me said here is your ram.

    i looked but could see nothing I moved closer & closer until at about 5 metres i saw the ram laying on its side in a pool of blood.

    The shot was good - engine room & straight through. It must have leapt in the air & died where it fell!

    i was extremely relieved to know that it hadn't been wounded.

    He was an old ram and his horns were damaged from many a previous battle.

    His passing would allow a new, young ram to take his place.

    The skin of an impala has a wonderful feel as well as colour so I have arranged to keep the hide as well as a skull mount.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If a wolf can take down a deer from either flank, does that make him bambidextrous?

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    yes, an excellent hunt just before breakfast....

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