My name is Matt, am 25 1/2, FAC & SGC. Cabinet consists of : CZ452 .22LR, CZ452 .17HMR, PB BERETTA SIVER PIG 12G, FRANCHI 620 VS SA 20G AND AAS410 .177.
MTC glass on both rimmies. Clay, target, vermin and game all shot.

I live with my girlfreind of 3 1/2 years who shoots clays only and is veggi. We have 2 terriers. My new lamping truck is my girlfriends new Suzuki Jimny

I am on some of the other shooting forums and have met a very kind gent from here, Adament.

My main 3 quarry are : rabbit, pigeon, fox. How ever my mind and curiousity are wondering into the stalking world, much the horror and protesting from my girlfriend ! lol. At the moment iv agreed not go shooting bambi, how ever should I ever get land permition with munti or roe on it then I may have to re negotiate with the mrs. In the mean time I am wanting a .223 for fox to replace my HMR !